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Town Clerk Board

Legal Notices

Listed below are current Legal Notices from the Town of Crawford Town Clerk's Office. They can also be found in person on the Town Clerk Board within Town Hall.


2024 Town Board Meeting Schedule | 2023 Town Board Meeting Schedule

Town Board Agenda

07-20-2023 Public Hearing for Local Law “Extension Of Term Of Office From Two Years To Four Years For The Offices Of Town Supervisor, Town Clerk, Town Highway Superintendent And Town Receiver of Taxes Of The Town Of Crawford”


Town of Crawford – Town Clerk (2021M-82) (state.ny.us) - Office of the State Comptroller Audit from Jan 2014-March 2019 Report of Examination


2024 Planning Board Meeting Schedule2023 Planning Board Meeting Schedule

Planning Board Agenda


2024 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Schedule2023 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Schedule

Zoning Board Agenda


Public Notice - 07-01-2023 - Final Assessment Roll


10-27-2022 2023 Water/Sewer Public Hearing - Benefit Assessment Roll

SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR DRINKING WATER -Pine Bush Water District Has Levels of MANGANESE Above Drinking Water Standards

Effective immediately 08/17/2022 a water emergency is declared for the Pine Bush Water District. There shall be no watering of lawns nor filling of pools and other large commercial usage shall be prohibited. We also request all water district users conserve water wherever possible until conditions improve.  

Charles E. Carnes
Town of Crawford Supervisor

2022 Spring Water Main Flushing Program



TOM Public Hearing Regulations Relatd to Mobile Food Vehicles 11-30-2022

2022 Orange County Legislative Calendar

Public Notice Pine Bush Fire District Annual Election 2022

Public Notice Bullville Fire District Annual Election 2022