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Town Board Meeting

19 Oct, 2023 PM 7:00 — 19 Oct, 2023 PM 10:00   
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    19 Oct, 2023 PM 7:00 — 19 Oct, 2023 PM 10:00

Supervisor's Office

  Contact Information
Supervisor Charles E. Carnes
Town Supervisor

Charles E. Carnes
P: (845) 744-5010
F: (845) 744-3126
E: Email Link

121 State Route 302
Pine Bush, NY 12566-7129

The Town Supervisor is the Chief Elected Officer in town government.  The Supervisor is responsible for the day to day operation of town business which includes receiving residents' inquiries and grievances. The Supervisor establishes all committees and appoints their members, appoints liaison officers, appoints a deputy supervisor, and conducts all negotiations with bargaining units.

The Town Supervisor is the Chief Administrative Officer of the town and presides at all meetings of the Town Board.  After Town Board decisions have been made, it is the Supervisor who carries out the decisions.  The Supervisor executes all Town Board authorized contracts on behalf of the town.

As the town's Chief Fiscal Officer, the Supervisor has ultimate responsibility for all monetary transactions and investments.  State mandates require a detailed financial report be prepared annually by the Supervisor.  The Town Supervisor has also been designated Budget Officer and has responsibility for preparation of the town budget.

We have recently updated our master plan which is an important document outlining the future of the Town.  The Town 
of Crawford maintains some of the strictest zoning in Orange County with a priority on open space and large lots.  Commercial growth is confined to the hamlets of Pine Bush and to a lesser extent Bullville.  I fully support our maintaining our traditional values and way of life while supporting our small business owners who contribute to our various events and organizations.  Come visit our small Town or better yet open a business or become a member of our community.

Please feel free to contact me or my secretary, Angelina Jadrossich with any questions or concerns.